Redpepper Waterproof Case vs Lifeproof FRE, Which is Better?

If you love traveling, you understand the significance of waterproofing your smartphone. After all, it plays the important role of acting as your default or go-to camera when your DSLR is not reliable. Not only does a waterproof case protect your phone against water and dirt, but to some extent, it also absorbs shock.

Lifeproof is one of the most popular waterproof cases on the market today. But the problem is that it’s expensive. Fortunately, there are more affordable alternatives, and one of them is Redpepper.

Redpepper waterproof case vs Lifeproof… which is better? Which brand do we recommend? Read on to find out.

Redpepper Waterproof Case vs Lifeproof: Comparison Chart

Let’s start with a side-by-side comparison of these cases’ specs and features using a chart. Note that these brands have cases for different types of phones, and what we present below are for iPhone 7.

Waterproof Case
Check Price Redpepper Lifeproof FRE
Ingress Protection Rating IP 68 IP 68
Waterproof up to 6.6 ft (2 m) underwater for 1 hour up to 6.6 ft (2 m) underwater for 1 hour
Snow Proof yes yes
Shock Proof drops from 2 meters drops from 2 meters
Dirt Proof yes yes
Weight no data 1.23 oz / 35g
Dimensions no data 5.9″ x 3.1″ x 0.53″
Inclusions case, instruction manual, case key, microfiber cloth, universal stand holder case, instruction manual, case key, microfiber cloth

Key Differences

If you take a look at the Redpepper case, it looks just like the Lifeproof. But if you check again, this time looking very closely, you’ll notice the following differences.

Back Cover

Let’s start with the back cover.

Instead of a square, the rear window of the Redpepper is a transparent circle that reveals the iPhone logo. Unlike with the Lifeproof case, the Redpepper’s camera holes are not protruded.

When it comes to flexibility, although Lifeproof’s back cover is made of plastic, it feels “rubbery,” so you can bend it slightly without worrying about breaking it. This is not the case with the Redpepper. The cover feels more rigid.

Sound holes are not present in the Lifeproof case. In contrast, the Redpepper is equipped two sets of sound holes. As advertised, these ensure the clarity of the the phone’s sound system.

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Front Cover

In general, the Lifeproof case front cover imitates all the parts that the iPhone 7 has (e.g., FaceTime camera, mic, home button).

On the other hand, the Redpepper’s front cover has two noticeable iPhone 7-like parts: home button and mic. If you also look very closely, it’s equipped with a small built-in screen protector that may or may not be set properly.

When it comes to the side buttons, the main difference between the two cases lies on two things: the Ring/Silent switch and the charge port door.

The Redpepper’s Ring/Silent switch is the knob-type, which means you need to twist it to make an adjustment. In comparison, the Lifeproof’s switch is similar with the iPhone’s Ring/Silent switch.

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Glass Screen Protector

Will glass screen protector work with either cases? Yes, but leaving your screen protector on has these two consequences.

First, typing and opening your apps may require more effort to the point of pressing the screen. Second, you may experience a little bit of “bulging” as a result of the added thickness.

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VIDEOS: Redpepper Waterproof Case vs Lifeproof for iPhone 7

Watch the videos below to examine these cases more closely.

Redpepper Waterproof Case vs Lifeproof: Final Word

Yes, both the Redpepper and Lifeproof waterproof cases work. They both deliver their promises in protecting your iPhone 7, but of course, there’s no denying that Lifeproof is far superior when it comes to quality.

That being said, we echo what one vlogger has said:

If you have the budget, go for the Lifeproof FRE case. But if you’re looking for something cheap and quick that yields almost the same performance as the Lifeproof, go ahead and try the Redpepper case. It’s not as expensive, but it can serve its purpose.

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