Romoss Sense 6P vs 6 Plus: Which One to Get?

Activities such as multi-day hikes need a high-capacity powerbank. One brand we’re recommending is Romoss’ 20,000 mAh Sense 6 series. Though they’re heavy and bulky, you’ll never have to worry about re-charging in the mountains.

Sense 6P and Sense 6 Plus are two of the company’s most popular models. Which one should you get? In this Romoss Sense 6P vs 6 Plus comparison report, we’ll give you an answer.

Romoss Sense 6P vs 6 Plus: Comparison Chart

Let’s start with a straightforward chart that details these powerbanks’ key specs. Give it a scroll. Did you easily spot the differences (and similarities)?

Romoss Powerbank
Check Price Sense 6P Sense 6 Plus
Capacity 20,000 mAh 20,000 mAh
Display LED LCD
Dual USB Ports yes yes
Weight 445 grams 445 grams
Size 16 x 8 2.28 cm 16 x 8 2.28 cm
Battery Lithium polymer Lithium ion

Closer Look: Differences and Similarities

As we’ve seen in the chart above, there’s no difference as regards these powerbanks’ weight, size, and capacity. Both Sense 6P and Sense 6 Plus are on the heavy side, weighing almost a half kilogram. Also, both have the same dimensions, and both offer dual charging ports.

Here’s where they differ.


Sense 6P is equipped with lithium polymer (Li Po), and Sense 6 Plus is equipped with lithium ion (Li Ion).

Which one is better?

According to sources, although Li Po batteries aren’t the best, they’re relatively better than Li Ion’s. For one, they’re safer from explosion because they’re more resistant to overcharging. Next, over time, they do not lose their charging capacity as much as Li Ion. Also, Li Po’s have a relatively shorter charging time.

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Sense 6P has an LED monitor, and Sense 6 Plus has an LCD monitor. Both screens display the remaining amount of power (in percent) the bank has, but which is better?

Without being too technical, Sense 6P’s LED display adopts an anti-glare feature so that you can check the remaining power from any angle. Also, it is more attractive.

Self-Charging Time

To be fully charged, Sense 6P can take about 24 hours, which is about double the advertised self-charging time of 13 hours. In contrast, Sense 6 Plus can only take less than 15 hours.

Charging Power

Theoretically, Sense 6P can charge an iPhone 7 more than 10 times. But based on our experience, this powerbank can charge our iPhone 7 only up to 7 times.

Sense 6 Plus claims that it can charge an iPhone 5s more than 10 times. From our experience, it charges UP TO 10 times, but not more than that. Also, as time goes by, the maximum charge it can go as displayed on the LCD monitor is 95 to 98%.

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Romoss Sense 6P vs 6 Plus: Final Word

Let’s go back to the original question: Which of these two should you get? Here’s our answer.

With no hesitation, we’re telling you to get the Romoss Sense 6P. Sure, it takes almost 24 hours for it to fully charge, but it’s one reliable power charger. Besides, its Li Po batteries are much safer, and it has an LED display.

Where to Buy Romoss Sense 6P and 6 Plus

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