Speedcross 4 vs Speedcross 3: Which Salomon to Get?

Speedcross 4 vs Speedcross 3… You’ve seen these beautiful, brightly-colored shoes on your friends’ hiking feet. They’re trailrunners, they say, but you sure can wear them on your hiking trips. This French brand is popular for good reason. Unlike bulky and heavy mountain shoes, these Salomon trailrunners are much lighter, and there’s almost no need to break them in.

Not surprisingly, Salomon trailrunning shoes come in a variety of models created for a specific purpose. There’s no pair that you can consider all-encompassing. Each one has features targeting a different type of terrain or trail.

Two of the most affordable models are the Speedcross 4 and the Speedcross 3. Obviously, 4 is a revamped version of the 3, and it should be a no-brainer to choose this pair. However, Speedcross 3 is cheaper than Speedcross 4, so some people might still be interested in buying them a pair.

So what’s the point of this Speedcross 4 vs Speedcross 3 comparison? To hopefully convince you to go for Speedcross 4 because it’s better. Here’s why.

Lugs and Traction

Turn these shoes over and you’ll see a noticeable and important difference – the lugs.

With the Speedcross 3, the lugs have two general characteristics. First, they have tiny studs on them. Second, the lugs located on the edges (circling the outsoles) are “incomplete.” Meaning, instead of a full caret-shaped lugs, expect them to be in half.

The opposite is what can be seen with the Speedcross 4. The lugs don’t come with studs, and the ones on the edges are complete carets in shape.

Which one performs better?

The short answer, it’s the Speedcross 4. Although you still have to be extra careful on smooth and flat surfaces for fear of slips and falls, the oustole has a lot better traction than the Speedcross 3’s. Also, the sole is harder and the lugs don’t wear or tear as easily as with the Speedcross 3’s.

Fit and Comfort

Long-time users of the Speedcross 3 can easily notice the difference in “fit” between these two Salomons. According to these consumers, the 3’s have got a little more room for better fit as compared to the 4’s.

One person even said the Speedcross 4 fit smaller than the Speedcross 3. Another hiker says the Speedcross 3 is considered a “wide variety” while the Speedcross 4 is “way too narrow.”

Other Consumer Feedback

Here’s a summary of what other consumers say with regard to this Speedcross 4 vs Speedcross 3 debate. Notice that not all consumers would recommend the Speedcross 4.

  • One user says that the 4’s are a lot more comfortable for multi-day hikes. To prove his point, he states that with his Speedcross 3, he was able to hike 4 to 5 miles at a time.
  • Another user says he prefers the feel of the Speedcross 3. Why? He says that the 4’s have a noticeable ridge in the arch, which makes it uncomfortable to wear.
  • One person observes that the “4 has less support and lateral stability in the heel.” This can be an issue if you want a pair with a heel that is closer to your ankle.

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Speedcross 4 vs Speedcross 3: Final Word

The Speedcross 4 is still not perfect, but much of its current features are an improvement of the Speedcross 3. They have a better grip, and although they can be a bit stiffer than the 3’s, the outsole is more durable against wear and tear.

From the words of a Salomon fan, we’d want a Salomon that has the soles of the 4’s and the body of the 3’s. But if you’d like our recommendation, get the Speedcross 4. Plus, if you’re looking for a pair that has a slightly lower heel, the Speedcross 4 is for you.

Speedcross 4 vs Speedcross 3: Where to Buy

WARNING: How to Spot a Pair of Fake Salomons

Never, ever buy and wear fake or imitation Salomon shoes especially if you’re going to run or hike on them. They’re not built to last, you can’t even finish the whole trail without any of their parts coming off. Not only is this dangerous, but it’s also embarrassing and a great inconvenience.

How do you spot a fake Salomon?

For one, if the price is too low below its market value, take caution. As they say, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Watch this video to know more about spotting imitation Salomon shoes.

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