Worx WG591 vs Ego LB5302, Which One is Better?

Worx WG591 vs Ego LB5302… which of these leaf blowers has better features? Let’s answer that in this comparison report.

On one corner is the Worx WG591, a battery-operated blower with variable speed control. On the other is the Ego Power+ LB5302, another cordless (or battery-operated) tool with an air volume rating of 530 CFM.

Both are equipped with a brushless motor and have an ergonomic design. What’s their difference? Read on to find out.

Comparison Chart: Worx WG591 vs Ego LB5302

Let’s start with this side-by-side comparison chart, which shows you the key areas where these leaf blowers differ in. Scroll down and spot these differences.

Leaf Blower
Brand Check Price » Worx WG591 Check Price » Ego LB5302
Type Cordless/Battery-Operated Cordless/Battery-Operated
Air Speed Variable Variable
Maximum Air Velocity 60 to 125 mph 50 to 110 mph
Air Volume 225 to 465 CFM 250 to 530 CFM
Weight 8.1 lbs. 7.4 lbs
Charging Time 90 minutes 50 minutes
Battery Run Time up to 20 minutes (provided by previous buyers) up to 75 minutes
Motor Type Brushless Brushless
Battery Capacity 56V 2.0 Ah 56V 2.5 Ah
Turbine Fan Technology
Trigger Button
Separate Boost Button

Key Differences

Before we list down these leaf blowers’ main differences, let’s talk about their similarities.

Let’s start with their motor. Both of them run on a brushless motor. What does this mean exactly, and how does a brushless motor benefit you?

According to online sources, a brushless motor gives you at least two main advantages. One, expect a low-friction operation, so less heat is released, thereby making the leaf blower last longer. Second, it helps increase the runtime of your battery.

Yup, both of these models are battery-operated, so you don’t have to worry about tripping over cords, or needing an extension cord, when tackling a yard job. The disadvantage of cordless leaf blowers, however, is that they need to be charged from time to time, which can be an inconvenience to some of you.

Now… let’s talk about their differences.

Maximum Air Velocity and CFM

Which leaf blower is more powerful?

With the Worx WG591, you can enjoy up to 125 mph of maximum air velocity. In comparison, the Ego Power+ gives you up to 110 mph.

When it comes to air volume, the Ego Power+ has a better CFM rating. According to the brand, this leaf blower has a rating of 530 CFM. In comparison, the Worx has a 465-CFM rating.

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You want your leaf blower to be as light as possible, so between these two brands, which one is lighter?

It’s the Ego Power+, which weighs 7.4 lbs. It’s lighter than the Worx WG591 by almost 1 pound. The Worx has a weight of 8.1 lbs.

Charging and Battery Run Time

Both of these leaf blowers run on a 56V battery. But their difference lies in their charging time and battery run time.

At 90 minutes, the Worx WG591 charges a lot longer than the Ego Power+, which is advertised to have a charging time of only 50 minutes.

When it comes to battery run time, the Ego LB5302 can run up to 75 minutes on the lowest speed and 10 minutes on turbo mode. There are no available data provided by the company on the Worx WG591’s battery run time, but according to the responses of previous buyers, this leaf blower runs uninterrupted for up to 20 minutes on the lowest speed setting.


The Worx WG591 has only one button that gives you control to two functionalities: on/off and speed control. The button is located on top of the handle.

Refer to the first image for your reference.

On the other hand, the Ego Power+ LB5302 has three separate buttons to give you access and control over three functionalities. There’s a trigger button underneath the handle, there’s a boost button on top, and there’s a speed control knob in front.

Find these buttons on the second image.

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Our Final Word: Worx WG591 vs Ego LB5302

Which of these leaf blowers should you get? To end this Worx WG591 vs Ego LB5302 comparison report, here’s our recommendation.

Get the Ego Power+ LB5302. Since both of these leaf blowers are cordless, battery life plays a very important part. Between the Worx and the Ego Power+, the latter has more battery life and it takes a shorter time to fully charge it. Plus, it’s lighter.

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