Kitchenaid KSM150PS vs KV25GOX: What’s the Difference?

Kitchenaid has cemented its reputation as the brand to beat when it comes to kitchen mixers. There are other names that you’d probably want to consider, but Kitchenaid will surely be on top your list.

So… let’s compare two Kitchenaid stand mixers: Kitchenaid KSM150PS vs KV25GOX. These are from different series, the Artisan and Professional 5 Plus. There are differences for sure, and in this comparison report, we give you what you need to know.

Comparison Chart: Kitchenaid KSM150PS vs KV25GOX

Let’s get start with this chart.

Kitchenaid Mixer
Model Check Price » Kitchenaid KSM150PS Check Price » Kitchenaid KV25GOX
Series Artisan Professional 5 Plus
Type Tilt-Head Bowl-Lift
Capacity 5-Quart 5-Quart
Bowl Material Polished Stainless Steel Polished Stainless Steel
Support Pins
Flat Beater Coated Coated
Dough Hook C-Shaped Spiral
Wire Whip
Pouring Shield
Wattage 325 450
Color Multiple Multiple

Key Differences

Did you spot the differences in the chart above? We list these key areas here.

Design: Tilt-Head vs Bowl-Lift

The most notable difference is these Kitchenaid mixers’ design. The Kitchenaid KSM150PS (Artisan) is classified as a “Tilt-Head” mixer while the Kitchenaid KV25GOX (Professional 5 Plus) is a “Bowl-Lift.”

Meaning, the Artisan‘s head move up and down while the Professional 5 Plus comes with a hand on the side that moves the bowl up and down, or lock it into place.


Both bowls are made of polished stainless steel, which explains the shiny and bright look of these kitchen mixers. But they differ in two areas: their handle, and the presence or lack of support pins.

Both the Kitchenaid KSM150PS and the Kitchenaid KV25GOX come with a handle, but their difference is the shape. The KV25GOX’s is flatter compared with the KSM150PS’s more ergonomic, undulating handgrip.

The Kitchenaid KSM150PS (Artisan) has support pins on both sides, which help keep the mixer in place especially when you’re mixing heavy mixtures. The Kitchenaid KSM150PS doesn’t come with support pins.

Take a look at one of the pins as pictured on the image to your right.

Dough Hook

When it comes to parts, these mixers come with an equal number of included mixing attachments. The difference is that the KV25GOX’s dough hook is Spiral-Shaped while the KSM150PS’s is C-shaped.

Pouring Shield

The Kitchenaid KSM150PS comes with a 1-piece pouring shield to help mix ingredients without making a huge mess. Unfortunately, the Kitchenaid KV25GOX doesn’t come with one.

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Bottomline: Kitchenaid KSM150PS vs KV25GOX

Which one should you pick?

If you need more a more powerful motor and a more mechanically rugged mixer to handle a heavier load, then purchase the Kitchenaid KV25GOX (Professional 5 Plus).

For smaller and lighter tasks, go for the Kitchenaid KSM150PS (Artisan).


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