Kodak Printomatic vs Polaroid Snap, Battle of Instant Cameras

For people who grew up in the 80’s or 90’s, seeing a Kodak or Polaroid instant camera today brings out fun memories. Who wouldn’t be nostalgic about it?

Today, Kodak and Polaroid are bringing back these instant cameras. Kodak has the Printomatic, and along with other models, Polaroid has Snap. You can buy both models, but if it’s impractical, you’ll choose only one (or perhaps consider another brand).

Kodak Printomatic vs Polaroid Snap… Which of these two cameras to buy? In this comparison report, we’ll help you make a decision.

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Comparison Chart: Kodak Printomatic vs Polaroid Snap

Let’s take a look at the tech specs and features of the Printomatic and Snap, and how they differ from each other.

Instant Camera
Model Kodak Printomatic Polaroid Snap
Weight 10.6 ounces 7.58 ounces
Dimensions 4.7 x 0.9 x 3 inches 4.7 x 1 x 3 inches
Camera Memory 32 GB, microSD card 32 GB, microSD card
Battery Lithium ion, rechargeable Lithium ion, rechargeable
Sensor Resolution 10 MP 10 MP
Picture Modes 2 – black and white, colored 6 – normal, black and white, vintage, border logo in normal, black and white, and vintage
Picture Effects None Photo frames, color tints, photo booth
Indicators battery, printing, MicroSD card battery, paper, MicroSD card
Printing Paper 2 x 3 inch ZINK Paper 2 x 3 inch ZINK Paper
Power Switch On/off button Viewfinder
Auto Sleep

Key Differences

In the comparison chart above, we’ve highlighted the main differences of the Printomatic and Snap.

Size and Weight

While both instant cameras have the same dimensions, the Kodak Printomatic weighs 3 ounces more than the Polaroid Snap.

On/Off Mechanism

To turn it on or off, the Printomatic has a power button that you simply have to press if you want to turn the unit on or off. In comparison, the Polaroid Snap uses the viewfinder as the on/off button. Simply raise it to turn the unit on, and press it down gently to turn it off.

Picture Modes and Effects

The Kodak Printomatic ony has two modes to choose from – colored and black & white. On the other hand, taking pictures with the Polaroid Snap is much more fun with its 6 picture modes and 3 photo effects.

Self Timer

Both the Snap and Printomatic have an auto sleep feature. But when it comes to the self-timer feature, only the Snap has it. Unfortunately, this function is not offered by the Printomatic.

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Final Word: Kodak Printomatic vs Polaroid Snap

So…which of these instant cameras is our pick?

The obvious choice is the Polaroid Snap. It has more features that can give you a much more fun picture-taking experience. Get the Polaroid Snap here.

Where to Buy Kodak Printomatic & Polaroid Snap

Instant Camera Alternatives

Here are other instant camera models that you might want to check out.

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