Omron 10 Series vs 5 Series, What’s the Difference?

Omron 10 Series vs 5 Series… It’s time for another Omron blood pressure monitor (BPM) comparison report. This time, it’s between two Omron models; namely, the 10 Series (BP785N) and the 5 Series (BP742N). Which of these should you choose?

There is a price difference, but does the difference compensate what these BPMs offer? To provide you with an answer, we’re giving you a side-by-side comparison chart followed by a section that emphasizes the key differences between these two Omron BPMs.

NOTE: When we say 10 Series, we mean the BP785N model, the non-Bluetooth, non-wireless version. There is another 10 Series that has Wireless and Bluetooth capabilities.

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Comparison Chart: Omron 10 Series vs 5 Series

This chart is an excellent tool that helps you easily compare the 10 Series and the 5 Series. What are the features that the 10 Series have that the 5 Series doesn’t? Take a look.

Omron BPM
Model Check Price » Omron 10 Series Check Price » Omron 5 Series
Model Number BP785N BP742N
Type of Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Upper Arm
Advanced Accuracy
One Touch Use
Two User Mode
Irregular Hearbeat Detector
Advanced Averaging
BP Level Bar
BP Level Indicator Lights
Easy-Wrap Cuff
ExtraLarge Digits with Backlight
Display LCD Digital Display LCD Digital Display
Memory Storage 200 readings 100 readings
Cuff EasyWrap ComFit 9”-17” Wide-Range 9”-17”
Power Source AC Adapter Not Included / 4 AA Included AC Adapter Not Included / 4 AA Included
Weight of Monitor Approximately 14 1/8 oz. (400 g) not including batteries Approximately 10 5/8 oz. (300 g) not including batteries
Dimensions Approximately 4 7/8” (w) × 3 1/2” (h) × 6 3/8” (l) not including arm cuff Approximately 4 1/4” (w) x 3 1/8” (h) x 5 1/2” (l) not including arm cuff
IP Classification IP 20 IP 20

Key Differences: Omron 10 Series vs 5 Series

Here’s a list.


You’ve seen the chart above. Clearly, the Omron 10 Series trumps the 5 Series when it comes to the number of features. Although the 10 Series doesn’t have a One Touch Use function, it has 3 features that the 5 Series lacks. These are the BP Level Indicator Lights, TruRead, and ExtraLarge Digits function.

What is TruRead? This function allows you to take multiple readings within a short period of time, and then taking the average for you.


The Omron 10 Series has better memory storage than the 5 Series. It can take and record up to 200 readings. In comparison, the 5 Series can record up to 100 readings.


The Omron 10 Series is equipped with an EasyWrap ComFit cuff while the 5 Series has a Wide-Range cuff. To know how an EasyWrap Comfit cuff works, read this.


Weighing 400 grams, the Omron 10 Series is heavier by 100 grams.

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Final Word: Omron 10 Series vs 5 Series

Which of these Omron BPMs should you buy? Based on what we talked about in the previous sections, here’s what we have to say.

The Omron 10 Series has a higher price tag than the 5 Series, but feature-wise, it has added features that you would certainly need. Because of that, if we were you, we’d pick the Omron 10 Series.

Where to Buy Omron 10 Series and 5 Series

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