Holy Stone HS300 vs F181W: Which One to Buy?

Holy Stone HS300 vs F181W… This is a battle between two types of Holy Stone drones. On one corner is the HS300, which is classified by the brand as a “Big Dudes” quadcopter. On another is an FPV drone called F181W. Which one of these is for you?

To answer this question, we take a look at their differences, from their features up to their technical specifications. Let’s start with this comparison chart.

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Comparison Chart: Holy Stone HS300 vs F181W

This chart is a side-by-side comparison between the features and specs of the HS300 and the F181W. As you’ll soon find out by simply scrolling down this section, these drones have interesting differences that may dictate your choice.

Model Check Price » Holy Stone HS300 Check Price » Holy Stone F181W
Classification Big Dudes FPV
Weight 1.4 Pounds 4.9 Ounces
Product Dimensions 19 X 7.5 X 19 inches 12.6 X 3.3 X 12.6 inches
Color Black Black
Aerial Camera 1080P HD 720P HD
Field of View (FOV) 120° 120°
Transmitter Operation Range 150 meters 50-100 meters
Speed Control Modes 2 4
Battery of Quadcopter 7.4V 2000mAh/14.8Wh Batteries 3.7V 750mAh LiPo Battery
Flight Time 10 minutes 9 minutes
Altitude Hold Function
Headless Mode
One Key Return
3D Flips
6-Axis Gyro Technology
One Key Engine Start / landing
LED Lights
Emergency Stop
Low Voltage Protection
3D VR Mode
WiFi FPV Real Time Transmission

Key Differences: Holy Stone HS300 vs F181W

So… how different are these Holy Stone drones? Let’s take a look at this list.

Weight and Size

The most obvious difference is their size and weight. Which is bigger? And which one’s heavier? The HS300 stays true to its classification as a Big Dude. It weighs 1.4 pounds, which can easily trump the F181W, which weighs only 4.9 ounces.

When it comes to size, the HS300 measures 19 inches from side to side. In comparison, the F181W measures 12.6 inches.

Video Quality

If you’re after better video/image quality, then the HS300 is for you. As advertised, this drone is equipped with a camera that can record 1080P video footage. The F181W can record up to 720P.

Transmitter Operation Range

The HS300’s transmitter can operate within a 150-meter range. The F181W, on the other hand, operates up to 100 meters only.

Speed Control

There are 4 modes to choose from with the F181W. There are 2 modes to choose from with the HS300.


Both require a LiPo battery to operate, but the HS300 has better battery life because it has a rating of 2000mAh and can fly for 10 minutes. On the other hand, the F181W can fly for 9 minutes, and it has an mAh rating of 750mah.

Wifi FPV Transmission

This is where the HS300 lost to the F181W. The F181W is capable of giving you real-time video feed through your smartphone and Wifi connectivity. The HS300, unfortunately, does not have this feature.

3D VR Mode

The F181W is compatible with a VR headset. The HS300 isn’t.

Other Features

The HS300 is equipped with Low Voltage Protection and Emergency Stop features. The F181W doesn’t have these features.

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Final Word: Holy Stone HS300 vs F181W

Which one of these drones is for you? Here’s what we have to say.

If you’d like a better quality video and would like to cover a much larger distance, then there’s no doubt that the Holy Stone HS300 is for you. It has better battery life, and its Emergency Stop feature is a big plus. However, if you prefer the FPV and VR functions, then get the Holy Stone F181W.

Where to Buy: Holy Stone HS300 and F181W

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