GoPro Karma Grip vs DJI Osmo, Ultimate Showdown

Which is better: GoPro Karma Grip vs DJI Osmo? Good stabilization sets your video footage apart from the rest. If your clips are devoid of those unnecessary shakiness, there’s a high chance that your viewers would stay and watch your work. Otherwise, they won’t hesitate to click on the next video.

For a stable video, you’ll need a gimbal, especially when filming action shots (or shots that require a lot of vigorous moving like running, swimming, and snowboarding).

The Karma Grip from GoPro and the DJI Osmo are two of the most popular gimbals in the market today. We’ve gone through Youtube vlogs, videos, and reviews to know which of these two products is better.

Here’s what we found out.


According to one vlogger who loves to snowboard, the Karma Grip would still be fine if he took a fall with it. In contrast, he says he would be “very scared” if the same thing would happen to the DJI Osmo.


The general comment about the GoPro Karma Grip’s audio is bad. It doesn’t even have a port for an external microphone.

But take note that it’s designed for action and extreme adventure, so if you use the Grip during these extreme activities, the audio is not really a concern.

In comparison, since the DJI Osmo is designed to also contain smartphones, you can add an external microphone for better audio quality.

Protective Case

The Karma Grip comes with a heavy-duty hardshell case that effectively acts as a shock absorber. That means if you drop it, you’re sure that it’s intact. This is a great plus if you’re traveling with it. You can pack it in your luggage and not worry about it.

Unfortunately, the DJI Osmo comes with a flimsy nylon bag.

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Which One to Get: GoPro Karma Grip vs DJI Osmo

To give you our recommendation, we echo the words of one of the vloggers.

It’s an either/or choice, depending on what you intend to use the gimbal for. If you’re into extreme action and not care about audio, go get the Karma Grip. If you want nice footage with crisp audio, the obvious choice is the DJI Osmo.

Where to Buy the Karma Grip and DJI Osmo

Alternatives to the Karma Grip and DJI Osmo

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