UE Boom 2 vs Megaboom, Which Bluetooth Speaker to Get?

UE Boom 2 vs Megaboom… Which one is the better ultra-portable UE speaker?

Ultimate Ears’ Megaboom is an improved version of the Boom 2, making it an easy recommendation if you’re looking for a quick answer. But is it? Is there a valid reason why you should go for the Boom 2 instead? Let’s find out in this comparison report.

Comparison Chart: UE Boom 2 vs Megaboom

What’s the difference between UE Boom 2 and Megaboom? Here’s a side-by-side table comparing these speakers’ technical specs and some features.

UE Speaker
Model Boom 2 Megaboom
Bluetooth Wireless Range 100 ft. 100 ft.
Battery Rechargeable Lithium-ion Rechargeable Lithium-ion
Battery Life 15 hours 20 hours
Charge Time 2.5 hours 2.5 hours
Weight 538g (1.2 lbs.) 885g. (1.9 lbs.)
Dimensions 18 cm (height) x 6.5 cm (diameter) 22.5 cm (height) x 8.4 cm (diameter)
Water-Resistant Skin IPX7-rated IPX7-rated
Wireless Capabilities Pair up to 8 Bluetooth-enabled devices; NFC-passive Pair up to 8 Bluetooth-enabled devices; NFC-passive
Compatibility Works with bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, computers (iOS, Android, Windows) Works with bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, computers (iOS, Android, Windows)
Maximum Sound Level 90dBA 90dBA
Frequency Range 90Hz – 20kHz 65Hz – 20kHz
Drivers two 45mm (1 3/4″) active drivers and two 45mm x 80mm (1 3/4″ x 3″) passive radiators two 2” drivers and two 2” x 4” Passive Radiators
Block Party
Double Up
Tap to Play
Aux input for iPod

Similarities and Differences

As we can easily noticed from the chart above, there’s just a few differences between the Boom 2 and the Megaboom speakers. Let’s first list their similarities.

Design-wise, both speakers follow an elongated-cylinder shape. Feature-wise, both speakers are equipped with the same number, and these are as follows.

  • Boom 2 and Megaboom are coated with a water-resistant material, and they’re rated IPX7, which means you don’t have to worry about damage even when you accidentally drop them in water. It can be immersed in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. As if that’s not impressive enough, know that these speakers are also shock-proof.
  • With these UE speakers’ Tap-to-Play feature, you can control your music easily and conveniently. You can tap once to play, or tap twice to skip a song. Unfortunately, the UE Roll doesn’t come with this feature.
  • Have you heard of Block Party? With this feature, you won’t have to listen to the same playlist over and over. These UE speakers can allow up to 3 different Bluetooth-enabled device to play music.
  • If you have another UE speaker, you can use the Double Up feature to play music to both speakers at the same time. How cool is that?
  • Aside from those features, both speakers have the same wireless coverage. Both can play music via Bluetooth within a 100-ft range.

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Now… here lies their differences.

Battery Life

Which one lasts longer? It’s the UE Megaboom, with a battery life of up to 20 hours between charges, which is a 5-hour difference between the Boom 2.


Which speaker weighs more? It’s, again, the UE Megaboom, whose product weight is 885 grams or 1.9 lbs. In comparison, the Boom 2 weighs less at 538 grams or 1.2 lbs.

Product Dimensions

Which one is taller? It’s the UE Megaboom. It stands 22.5 cm (or 8.9 inches) in height. It also has a diameter of 8.4 cm (or 3.3 inches). In contrast, the Boom 2 has a smaller footprint. It has a height of 18 cm. (7.1 inches) and a diameter of 6.5 cm (2.6 inches).

Frequency Range

Which has the wider frequency range? It’s the UE Megaboom. Theoretically, this speaker can reproduce a wider selection of sounds (e.g., bass) than the Boom 2.

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Our Recommendation: UE Boom 2 vs Megaboom

To end this UE Boom 2 vs Megaboom comparison report, let’s go back to the original question: which is the better speaker from UE, Boom 2 or Megaboom?

Here’s our final say.

The extra weight is worth it. Go get the Megaboom. It has a longer battery life, and it’s ideal for a big crowd who loves to party all night. It’s not called the “Ultimate Portable Bluetooth Speaker/Speakerphone” for nothing.

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