Sony AZ1 vs GoPro Hero 4, Which is the Better Action Camera?

Traveling is fun. It truly is. However, it’s definitely better if you have a reliable camera to record videos of your fun memories. And if your travel is packed with adventure, a GoPro is one to consider.

Or maybe you’d like another brand, say, a Sony? Here, we’re giving you a Sony AZ1 vs GoPro Hero 4 comparison report to answer these questions: Which of these popular action cameras should you have? Compared with the AZ1, does the Hero 4 feel overrated? Or should you stick with the GoPro?

To give you sensible and straightforward answers to the questions presented in the introduction, we’ve gone through vlogs and video reviews comparing these two brands.

Here are some key notes, which we pulled from this video.

Hero 4 shoots better image quality.

One of advantages of the Hero 4 is its ability to shoot at 4K. Unfortunately, the Sony AZ1 can only go up to 1080p.

As expected, when using their maximum resolution setting – 4K, 30FPS for Hero 4 and 1080p, 30FPS for Sony AZ1 – the resulting footage has a notable difference in quality.

Overall, the Hero 4 footage leans toward having a “natural” look while the Sony AZ1 feels a little warm. When zoomed in, the details are crisp, clear, and sharp with the Hero 4. In contrast, the Sony AZ1 presents a muddy or blurred image when seen up close.

Hero 4’s flat lens design gives better footage when filming underwater.

This is good news for people who love any type of water-related activities, whether swimming in the pool or enjoying the waves in the ocean. The Hero 4’s flat lens ensures that your footage comes out nice and crisp even when zoomed in.

In contrast, a Sony AZ1 underwater footage comes out blurry and with no details. Even with its Underwater Scene Setting, the resulting footage still doesn’t match with what you’ll get with Hero 4.

With Hero 4, you can film at higher fps at higher resolutions.

With the Hero 4, you can film at 120fps at 1080p. In contrast, the Sony AZ1 can film at 1080p but only until 60fps. Obviously, the Hero 4 is ideal for people who love to take slow-motion shots.

In low-light environment, the AZ1 performs better.

At 4K, the GoPro Hero 4 produces a lighter but grainy footage. The good news, though, is that when taking a photo in low-light, this camera is equipped with a lot of control options (e.g., ISO, exposure) to produce better-quality images.

In contrast, when shooting videos, the Sony AZ1 handles low-light conditions well thanks to its backlit illuminated sensor. Unfortunately, it has limited control options that can help you when taking still images.

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Final Word: Sony AZ1 vs GoPro Hero 4

Let’s end this Sony AZ1 vs GoPro Hero 4 report by saying that it all boils down to footage quality, so based on what was presented above, here’s our recommendation.

Go get the GoPro Hero4. Overall, it produces better footage and images, even underwater.

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