Rowenta DW5080 vs DW4060: Model Comparison

Here’s another model comparison report: Rowenta DW5080 vs DW4060. The DW5080 (or Focus) and the DW4060 (or AutoSteam) are both 1700-watt steam irons equipped with an Auto Shut Off system, a precision tip, and a self-cleaning system.

How are they different? This is an exciting compare-and-contrast post because these two Rowenta steam irons differ in four interesting aspects/features. Read on to find out what these are.

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Comparison Chart: Rowenta DW5080 vs DW4060

This chart should be a quick side-by-side comparison between the DW5080 and DW4060. Spot their key differences yet?

Rowenta Steam Iron
Model Rowenta DW5080 Rowenta DW4060
Other Name Focus AutoSteam
Weight 3.4 pounds 3.19 pounds
Dimensions 11 x 5 x 6 inches 11.2 x 4.7 x 5.9 inches
Color Taupe Gray
Watts 1700 W 1700 W
Water Tank Capacity 10 oz 10 oz
Soleplate Stainless steel Airglide
Lever for Settings Sideways Front to Back
Auto Shut Off
Precision Tip
Self Clean System
Anti-Calcium System
Vertical Steam
Burst of Steam

Main Differences: Rowenta DW5080 vs DW4060

Here’s a list of their differences.

Size and Weight

First, let’s talk about their size and weight. Between these two Rowenta steam irons, the DW5080 is the bigger and heavier one. The difference may not be a big deal to some, but maybe it is to some people.


Second, they differ in color. The DW5080 is taupe and the DW4060 has a gray appearance.

Lever for Steam Settings

Third, the lever for steam settings are different. With the DW5080, you have to turn it sideways to make an adjustment. With the DW4060, you have to push it forward or backward to pick the right settings.

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Fourth, these steam irons differ in soleplate. The Rowenta DW5080 is equipped with a stainless steel Microsteam-400 soleplate while the Rowenta DW4060 has an Airglide soleplate. What’s the difference? Take a look.

Where to Buy Rowenta DW5080 and DW4060

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