Rode SmartLav+ vs Sennheiser ME 2, Which One’s Better?

Rode SmartLav+ vs Sennheiser ME 2… Vloggers know too well that there is a big and clear difference between wearing a lavalier mic and simply relying on your camera’s built-in microphone.

Without an external mic, your footage is prone to a lot of background noise, and this is especially true if you’re in a busy place. With the help of a lav, however, you’ll capture the sound directly from your mouth, thereby avoiding unintelligible speech because of too much noise in the background.

The resulting audio may not be as crisp as the one in movies, but it’s a hundred times better than if you insist on not wearing a lapel mic.

Two popular brands of lavalier mics are Rode and Sennheiser. Here, we’re giving you a Rode SmartLav+ vs Sennheiser ME 2 report, comparing these brands’ most popular lapel models.

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Comparison Chart Rode SmartLav+ vs Sennheiser ME 2

Here’s a look at these lav’s technical specs.

Lavalier Mic
Check Price Rode SmartLav+ Sennheiser ME 2
Item Weight 1.4 ounces 1.0 ounce
Product Dimensions 4.5 mm 6.5 mm
Acoustic Principle Permanently Polarise Permanent Polaride
Frequency Range/Response 60Hz – 18kHz (freq. range) 30Hz-20kHz (freq. response)
Maximum SPL 110dB SPL 130dB SPL
Self Noise / Equivalent Noise Level 27 dBA 36 dB
Polar / Pick-up Pattern Omnidirectional Omnidirectional
Microphone Type Condenser Condenser
Color Black Black
Cable Length 1.0 m 1.6 m

Key Differences

From the table above, it’s clearly shown that both brands have a few similarities and some differences. Their similarity can be summarized as follows: they’re both black, permanent polarized condenser mini microphones with an omnidirectional pick-up pattern.

In short, both mics have the ability to capture sound equally from all directions. The expected result is a user-friendly and versatile device.

Here are some differences.

Weight, Size, and Cable Length

At 4.5 mm, the Rode SmartLav+ has a smaller mic size than the Sennheiser ME2’s, which is measured at 6.5mm. When it comes to weight, the SmartLav Plus is a little bit heavier than the competition. The SmartLav+ weighs 1.4 ounces while the Sennheiser ME2 weighs only 1 ounce. Since both of them are mini in size, this difference in weight is barely noticeable.

As for the length of their cable, Sennheiser ME2 wins. It is 1.6 meters in length. In contrast, the SmartLav+ has a 1 meter cable. Note that you can always extend this length by purchasing a Rode vampire clip and extension cable combo. This should give a 2-meter extension to the original length.

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Output / Jack

The SmartLav+ has been revamped to include a TRRS connector (4 pole). On the other hand, Sennheiser ME2 has a TRS connector (3 pole).

Obviously, you cannot use the Sennheiser ME2 with your smartphone as it has a TRS jack. There are two ways to work around this.

One, the easier option, is to purchase a TRS to TRRS adapter cable. Second, the difficult option, you can do the cut-and-solder method by following what this guy did.

Audio Tests

In this section, let’s not compare the maximum SPL, frequency range, and self-noise values provided by Rode and Sennheiser. Instead, we listen to what vloggers say when they conducted an audio test comparing these two brands.

Here’s what these consumers have to say.

After testing the two lapel mics, this vlogger says that he likes the Sennheiser’s audio quality better.

In another video, another vlogger compared the SmartLav Plus with the Sennheiser G3 with an ME2 mic. There is a clear difference in audio quality, and we’re leaning towards the Sennheiser.

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Final Word: Rode SmartLav+ vs Sennheiser ME 2

Here’s our recommendation.

When it comes to audio quality, the Sennheiser ME2 is better than the SmartLav+. But a disadvantage of this mic is that it’s quite pricey, and that you’ll need a TRS to TRRS adapter so that you can use it on your smartphone.

Where to Buy Rode SmartLav+ and Sennheiser ME2

Cheap External Microphones

Here are some alternatives.

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