Omron M6 vs Series 10: Battle of Blood Pressure Monitors

Omron M6 vs Series 10… which of these two Omron blood pressure monitors (BPMs) has better features? Let’s answer that in this comparison report. But first, let’s give a brief introduction on each device.

On one hand, there’s the Omron M6 Comfort, an upper arm BPM marketed by the company as having an Intelli Wrap cuff technology that essentially provides a larger measurement area. In other words, this feature wraps 360 degrees around your arm, thereby preventing misuse or incorrect placement of the cuff.

On the other, there’s the Omron 10 Series — not to be confused with the Wireless+Bluetooth version — another upper arm BPM that is so far the brand’s most advanced yet. This monitor has an unmistakenly beautiful exterior and is equipped with features that the others lack.

Let’s take a look at these Omron BPMs’ differences.

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Comparison Chart: Omron M6 vs Series 10

How about we start with this comparison chart?

Omron BPM
Model Check Price » Omron M6 Comfort Check Price » Omron 10 Series
Model Number Omron M6 Comfort BP785N
Type of Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Upper Arm
Advanced Accuracy
Two User Mode
Irregular Heartbeat Detector
Advanced Averaging
Morning Averages
Evening Averages
Weekly Averages
BP Level Bar
BP Level Indicator Lights
ExtraLarge Digits with Backlight
Display LCD Digital Display LCD Digital Display
Memory Storage 200 readings 200 readings
Cuff Intelli-Wrap 9”-17” EasyWrap ComFit 9”-17”
Power Source AC Adapter Not Included / 4 AA Included AC Adapter Not Included / 4 AA Included
Weight of Monitor Approximately 380 g not including batteries Approximately 300 g not including batteries
Dimensions Approximately 124 (w) mm × 90 (h) mm × 161 (l) mm not including arm cuff Approximately 4 1/4” (w) x 3 1/8” (h) x 5 1/2” (l) not including arm cuff
IP Classification IP 20 IP 20

Key Differences: Omron M6 vs Series 10

At first glance, the Omron M6 and the Series 10 look the same. For the most part, they are, but if you take a closer look, there are a few notable differences. Here’s a list.

TruRead Feature

Between the two Omrons, only the 10 Series is equipped with this feature. What’s TruRead? You already know that when taking your blood pressure, you need to take multiple readings and take their average. With an ordinary BPM, taking multiple readings can take a lot of time. But with the TruRead feature, you can take multiple readings and the resulting average within just a short amount of time.


The Omron M6 has an Intelli Wrap cuff and the Series 10 is equipped with an EasyWrap ComFit cuff.

False readings can be the result of an incorrectly placed cuff, but with the Intelli Wrap cuff, this can be prevented because it’s designed to wrap 360 degrees around your arm.

The EasyWrap ComFit cuff is a pre-formed cuff that stays in place to prevent incorrect cuff placement.

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Final Word: Omron M6 vs Series 10

What’s the better Omron BPM between the two? Here’s our pick.

Get the Omron Series 10. The TruRead feature is a big plus and a timesaver.

Where to Buy Omron M6 and Series 10

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