Omron Blood Pressure 3 Series vs 7 Series, A Comparison

The importance of monitoring your blood pressure cannot be overly emphasized. Thanks to the many advancements in the medical field, we no longer have to rely on another person to keep track of our BP.

One of the trusted brands in BPMs (blood pressure monitors) is Omron, and two of their most popular products is the Series 3 and the Series 7. Which one of these products should you get? In this Omron Blood Pressure 3 Series vs 7 Series comparison report, we’ll give you an answer.

Comparison Chart: Omron 3 Series vs 7 Series

First, let’s take a look at the technical specs and features of the Series 3 compared side by side with the Series 7.

Omron BPM
Model Omron BPM 3 Series Omron BPM 7 Series
Advanced Accuracy
One Touch Use
Two User Mode
Irregular Heartbeat Detector
Advanced Averaging
BP Level Bar
BP Level Indicator Lights
Memory Storage 14 120
Cuff Wide Range 9″-17″ Easy-Wrap ComFit 9″-17″
Optional Cuff CD-WR17 CD-WR17
Power Options 4 AA Not Included AC Adapter Not Included / 4 AA Included

Notable Differences

As we’ve seen in the chart above, there is a clear difference between the two Omron BPMs, and feature-wise, the Series 7 wins big.

First, except for the One Touch Use feature, the Series 7 has more useful features to offer than the Series 3.

An example is the Two User Mode feature, which allows you and your partner to store and review each of your last 60 readings. Another example is the Irregular Heartbeat Detector feature, which automatically displays the average of the 3 readings taken within 10 minutes. The Series 7 also has a BP Level Bar and BP Level Indicator Lights.

Next, the memory storage of Series 7 is a lot bigger than the Omron Series 3.

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Our Recommendation: Omron Blood Pressure 3 Series vs 7 Series

So which BPM model are we recommending?

The obvious choice is the Omron BPM 7 Series. It has more features that are truly useful to you.

Where to Buy Omron BPM 3 Series and 7 Series

Alternatives to Omron BPMs

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