Omron 7 Series vs Evolv Comparison Report

Omron 7 Series vs Evolv… These two Omron blood pressure monitors are really, really different when it comes to features.

On one corner, there’s the 7 Series, an upper-arm device that although has impressive features of its own, doesn’t have the Bluetooth connectivity that the Evolv offers. On the other, there’s the Evolv, another upper-arm blood pressure monitor whose Bluetooth connectivity feature results in more data portability; that is, you can access your readings anywhere through another Bluetooth device connected to the Evolv.

In this report, we give you, in detail, the differences between the Omron 7 Series and the Omron Evolv.

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Comparison Chart: Omron 7 Series vs Evolv

As you can see in the chart below, most of the features offered by the Omron 7 Series can be accessed on your Bluetooth device through the Omron Connect app.

Omron BPM
Model Check Price » Omron 7 Series Check Price » Omron Evolv
Model Number BP760N BP7000
Type of Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Bluetooth Upper Arm
Advanced Accuracy
Irregular Heartbeat Detector
Advanced Averaging
BP Level Bar
BP Indicator Lights ✅ In-App
Bluetooth Smart Connectivity
Display LCD Digital Display OLED Display
Memory Storage 120, Up to 60 per user In-App
Cuff EasyWrap ComFit 9”-17” Wide Range 9”-17”
Power Source 4 AA 4 AA, not compatible with adapter
Weight of Monitor Approximately 13 5/8 oz. (385 g) not including batteries Approximately 8 1/2 oz. (240g) not including batteries
Dimensions Approximately 4 7/8” (w) × 3 1/2” (h) × 6 3/8” (l) not including arm cuff Approximately 4 7/8” (w) × 3 1/2” (h) × 6 3/8” (l) not including arm cuff
IP Classification IP 20 IP 22

Key Differences: Omron 7 Series vs Evolv

Let’s discuss these differences one by one.

Bluetooth Connectivity

This is the main difference between these two Omron devices. The 7 Series is not equipped with this feature, so all your data are available on the monitor itself. Its memory is limited to a certain number of readings and number of users. And if you want to access your past BP readings, you’ll have to turn on the monitor.

On the other hand, the Evolv’s Bluetooth connectivity feature allows you to pair it with your smartphone or smartwatch for a much more portable set of data. To make this work, you need to download the Omron Connect app. Once successfully paired with another Bluetooth device, you can start using the Evolv and tracking your data anywhere you are. This is one advantageous feature especially when visiting your doctor for a regular consultation/check-up.

Note that if you opt out of Evolv’s Bluetooth feature, you can still use the device to check your blood pressure.


Even at first glance, you can already tell that the Evolv has a sleeker appearance. It’s equipped with a nice-looking OLED display. In comparison, the Omron 7 Series has an LCD digital display.

Weight of Monitor

The Evolv is lighter by more than 100 grams. It weighs 240 grams while the 7 Series has a weight of 385 grams.

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Our Final Word: Omron 7 Series vs Evolv

Which one of these Omron blood pressure monitors should you buy? Here’s what we have to say.

If portability and accessibility of data are appealing to you, then the Omron Evolv is for you. But if budget is a concern, then stick with the Omron 7 Series.

Where to Buy: Omron 7 Series vs Evolv

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