Moment Lens vs Olloclip Lens, Which Phone Lens to Buy?

One potential buyer asks: Should I buy the Olloclip for my iPhone or go with the Moment lens instead?

This is a common question that needs a direct answer. But as much as we’d like to tell you right away which one is the better choice, our answer requires an explanation. For this reason, we’ve put up this brief but comprehensive Moment Lens vs Olloclip Lens comparison report.

Some Introductory Notes

To get started with this Moment Lens vs Olloclip Lens comparison report, let’s first give you a background on Olloclip and Moment lenses, summarized in bullet form below.

  • Before you order a lens, make sure it fits your phone. An Olloclip Active lens may not fit your recently bought iPhone 7.
  • Olloclip offers their lenses in a set (i.e., 3-in-1 kit of fisheye, super-wide, and macro). Unfortunately with Moment, you’ll have to make separate purchases for each lens.
  • Installation differs for both brands. For Moment lenses, you’ll have to attach them through a photo case, a mounting plate, or battery photo case depending on the model of your phone. The newer phone models don’t require a mounting plate. On the other hand, the Olloclip lenses easily secure onto your phone through a multi-functional slide-on clip.

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Which Brand Records Better Videos?

In several test videos uploaded by vloggers, one can see a noticeable difference between the footages recorded with these lenses.

Which brand takes better-quality videos? Let’s find out.

Wide Angle Lens

Generally speaking, the Moment lenses give crisper and better wide-angle videos. For instance, in this video, you can see that with the Olloclip wide lens, the resulting video is too bright. On the other hand, the video captured with the Moment wide lens is only a few notches brighter compared with the video taken without a lens.

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Telephoto Lens

In another video (below), the uploader was able to prove that the resulting clip taken with an Olloclip telephoto lens is not as crisp as with the Moment tele lens. Plus, the video is a bit blurry on the edges.

Fish Lens

When it comes to the fisheye lenses, the Moment brand wins over the Olloclip. Sure, the Olloclip fisheye lens can achieve a wider view than the Moment superfish lens, but because of this, the video captured with the Olloclip shows some parts of the lens.

Macro Lens

Both Moment and Olloclip macro lenses require that you move really close to the subject to get the shot that you want.

Although Olloclip’s Core Lens Set is a 3-in-1 kit that includes a macro lens, it’s best to get the Macro Lens Set if you’re looking forward to improving your macro-photography skills. According to one consumer, Olloclip’s macro lens produce some “pincushion distortions,” but fortunately, Olloclip’s app has a feature that can correct this problem.

The Moment macro lens feels like a professional DSLR lens. It is one of 4 lenses that Moment offers, alongside the Wide Angle, Super Fish, and Tele lenses. It comes with a hood that serves two functions – as a light diffuser, and as a focal distance guide.

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Other Consumer Feedback

It’s easy to take off the Olloclip lenses from your phone, but extra care must be exercised when doing so. There have been reports that the Olloclip’s sliding mechanism cracks your phone’s screen protector (both tempered glass and film).

Final Word: Moment Lens vs Olloclip Lens

There is a reason why Moment lenses come with a hefty pricetag. They have an outstanding build that truly stands out above the rest, and the resulting videos and photos are much better in quality.

That said, let’s seal this Moment Lens vs Olloclip Lens report with this recommendation.

If you’re a beginner trying to explore the world of photography and videography using your smartphone, the Olloclip is a good option. As you gain more knowledge and improve your skills, ditch Olloclip and move on to Moment lenses. Of course, if budget isn’t a problem, you can always jump right in and get yourself a Moment. Start with this Moment New Wide Lens.

Cheap Phone Lens Alternatives

If you still can’t afford the relatively affordable price of the Olloclip, there are always cheap phone lens alternatives. Here are some you might want to consider.

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