Kitchenaid KSM75 vs KSM95 Mixer: What’s the Difference?

You can “turn any of these stand mixers into a culinary center,” but which of them is for you? What’s the difference? There’s really not a lot as you’ll very soon see, and choosing one is very simple.

So without further ado, let’s give you this Kitchenaid KSM75 vs KSM95 comparison report.

Comparison Chart: Kitchenaid KSM75 vs KSM95

Kitchenaid Mixer
Model Check Price » KSM75 Check Price » KSM95
Other Name Classic Plus Ultra Power
Weight 25.00lb 26.00lb
Product Dimensions 15.00in x 8.50in x 14.00in 14.00in x 9.00in x 14.00in
Wattage 275 watts 300 watts
Capacity 4.5 quartz 4.5 quartz
Speed Settings 10 10
Mixing Action 59-Point Planetary 59-Point Planetary
Coated Flat Beater
Coated Dough Hook
6-Wire Whip
Tilt-Head Design
Colors Available White, silver Multiple – from empire red to tangerine

Key Differences

As you can see in the chart presented above, the main difference between these two Kitchenaid tilt-head mixers is their wattage. The Kitchenaid KSM95 has a 300-wattage rating while the Kitchenaid KSM75 comes with 275 wattage rating. It means more electricity is used when you use the KSM95.

Another difference is their weight. According to the data we’ve gathered, the KSM95 is heavier by 1 pound, weighing 26 lbs. In comparison, the KSM75 weighs 25 lbs.

Feature-wise, there are no differences. Both have a tilt-head design, and both come with a 4.5-quart mixing bowl. This is enough for mixing dough that makes 6 dozen cookies or 3 loaves of bread.

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Our Final Word: Kitchenaid KSM75 vs KSM95

Which one should you choose?

It’s not a complicated process. If the difference in watts matter to you, then go for the Kitchenaid KSM75 because it consumes less electricity. But if you want a mixer with a brighter, non-white color, then the KSM95 is the better choice.


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