Kitchenaid KSM150 vs KSM155GB Series Full Comparison

If you’re just starting to bake, a hand-held mixer can get the job done. But if you’re ready to level up, a stand mixer is a must-have. Of course, nothing beats Kitchenaid, so in this comparison report, we compare two models: Kitchenaid KSM150 vs KSM155GB.

Which of these has better features? For the answers, let’s compare these two kitchen mixers side by side.

Comparison Chart: Kitchenaid KSM150 vs KSM155GB

Use this chart as a quick reference. Simply scroll down and spot the differences.

Kitchenaid Mixer
Model Check Price » Kitchenaid KSM150 Check Price » Kitchenaid KSM155GB
Series Artisan Artisan Design
Capacity 5-Quart 5-Quart
Bowl Material Polished Stainless Steel with Comfortable Handle Glass with Handle
Flat Beater Coated Burnished Aluminium
Dough Hook C-Shaped Coated C-Shaped Burnished Aluminium
Wire Whip
Pouring Shield
Wattage 325 325
Color Over 20 Colors Over 5 Colors
Usage Cookie Yield – 9 Dozen Cookie Yield – 9 Dozen

Key Differences

Before we talk about these mixers’ differences, let’s briefly mention their similarities.

One, they both have a tilt-head design, which makes it easier and more convenient to position or take out the bowl. Two, they have a 5-quart bowl, which can make up to 9 dozens of cookies. They also come with a wire whip, and they have a 325-wattage rating.

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Now, let’s focus on their differences.


The most important difference is the material of their bowls. The Kitchenaid KSM150 comes with a polished stainless steel bowl, and the Kitchenaid KSM155GB has a glass bowl with a pouring spout. Both of these bowls come with a handle.




Another difference is the accessories included in the package. As advertised, most of the KSM150‘s accessories have a white coating while the KSM155GB‘s accessories are burnished aluminum.

According to this online source, burnished aluminum accessories are not dishwasher safe. Accessories with a white coating are dishwasher safe.

Pouring Shield

Another difference between these two kitchen mixers is the absence or presence of a pouring shield. The Kitchenaid KSM150 has one, the Kitchenaid KSM155GB doesn’t.

Our Final Word: Kitchenaid KSM150 vs KSM155GB

Which one should you pick? Here’s what we have to say. When it comes to durability, glass can’t compare with stainless steel. That said, pick the Kitchenaid KSM150. Its bowl is made of polished stainless steel, it has a pouring shield, and its accessories are dishwasher safe.

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