JBL Charge 3 vs UE Megaboom, Battle of Bluetooth Speakers

JBL Charge 3 vs UE Megaboom… It’s time for another Bluetooth speaker comparison. In this report, we take a look at JBL’s Charge 3 and Ultimate Ears’ Megaboom. Both are waterproof/water-resistant, with a high IPX rating, and both have a long-lasting lithium-ion battery.

But which one gives a better sound output? We’ve done the research for you, and here’s what we found out.

Comparison Chart: JBL Charge 3 vs UE Megaboom

How is the JBL Charge 3 different from the UE Megaboom? Here’s a chart for your quick reference.

Bluetooth Speaker
Brand JBL Charge 3 Megaboom
360-Degree Sound Output No Yes
Design Pill shape Water bottle
Bluetooth Wireless Range 30 ft. 100 ft.
Battery Rechargeable Lithium-ion Rechargeable Lithium-ion
Battery Life 20 hours 20 hours
Charge Time 4.5 hours 2.5 hours
Charge Out Feature Yes No
Siri & Google Voice Commands Yes Yes
Weight 1.76 pounds 1.90 pounds
Dimensions 8.85 cm (height) x 21.3 cm (length) 22.5 cm (height) x 8.4 cm (length)
Water-Resistant Skin IPX-7 rated IPX7-rated
Speakerphone Yes Yes
Maximum Sound Level not provided 90dBA
Frequency Range/Response 65Hz – 20kHz 65Hz – 20kHz
Tripod Mount No Yes
Inputs and Outputs micro USB, USB port 3.5 mm jack, micro USB
Other Features JBL Connect, Connects up to 3 Streaming Devices Block Party, Double Up, Tap to Play
Colors Available Black, blue, camouflage, gray, red, teal Black, charcoal black, charcoal black/yellow, electric blue, galaxy, lava red, plum, purple and black

Key Similarities and Differences

What are the key similarities and differences between the UE Megaboom and the JBL Charge 3?

Water Resistance

Both brands are given a rating of IPX-7, which gives these speakers protection against immersion in water (up to 1 meter) for 30 minutes.

Sound Performance

Megaboom has a 360-degree sound output, but Charge 3 isn’t advertised to have the same claim.


Both brands can allow you to do things. First, you can sync two speakers to amplify the sound output. Second, these speakers allow you to take turns playing music from multiple Bluetooth devices.

Design, Size, and Weight

The UE Megaboom and JBL Charge 3 have identical shapes, but the Megaboom is positioned vertically while the Charge 3 takes the horizontal position. Stability-wise, there’s no doubt that the Charge 3 wins.

When it comes to size and weight, there is a difference between the two, but this difference is almost negligible. At 1.76 pounds, Charge 3 lighter than Megaboom, which has a weight of 1.90 pounds. When it comes to length of the device (whether oriented horizontally or vertically), Charge 3 is slightly smaller than Megaboom by a tiny margin.

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Battery and Charging

Both brands have rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that last long. In between charges, you can use these speakers up to 20 hours of non-stop music.

However, when it comes to charge time, the Charge 3 takes 2 hours more to re-charge than the Megaboom. This is a plus if you can’t afford to wait 4.5 hours recharging your speaker.

Another difference is that the Charge 3 has a charge-out feature, which allows you to use this speaker to charge your phone. The Megaboom doesn’t have this feature, unfortunately.

Sound Quality

We’ve said it before, it all boils down to sound quality. On Youtube, we managed to find a video showing both indoor and outdoor soundchecks comparing the sound quality of the JBL Charge 3 and the UE Megaboom. Here’s what we found out.

– Indoors, the JBL Charge 3’s sound output is crisper and better than UE Megaboom’s. From the words of the video owner, a noticeable “bass and some punch” can be heard from the JBL Charge 3, which is missing from the Megaboom. Also, to get a better sound, you may need to adjust the position of the Megaboom.

– Outdoors, the observations are basically the same. For example, to get a better sound output, you may have to adjust the position of the Megaboom (e.g., the driver is facing you).

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Recommendation: JBL Charge 3 vs UE Megaboom

To end this JBL Charge 3 vs UE Megaboom comparison report, we go back to the original question: Which speaker is better, JBL Charge 3 or UE Megaboom? Here’s our straightforward answer.

The choice is obvious. Both brands offer basically the same features, but when it comes to sound quality, the Charge 3 wins. So our recommendation? Get the Get the JBL Charge 3.

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Where to Buy JBL Charge 3 and Megaboom

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