Feiyu Tech SPG vs Zhiyun Smooth Q, Battle of Gimbals

Feiyu Tech SPG vs Zhiyun Smooth Q… so which one is the better handheld gimbal? Both products are made by China-based companies, and they’re both marketed as a DJI Osmo alternative.

Gimbals are a great help at stabilizing your shots, making them look professional and high quality. These devices have a similar design, and most of them consist of 3 axes (panning, rotating, tilting) that work together to give you buttery smooth footage. Both the SPG from FeiyuTech and the Smooth Q from Zhiyun are 3-axis phone stabilizers.

In this comparison report, we give you the key differences between the Smooth Q and the SPG.

Comparison Chart: Feiyu Tech SPG vs Zhiyun Smooth Q

Model Feiyu Tech SPG Zhiyun Smooth Q
Weight 355 grams 450 grams
Dimensions 13.1 * 7.5 * 1.9 in 11.2 * 4.5 * 1.4 in
Protective Case Waterproof, high elastic diving material Hardshell
Battery Removable, 26650 Li-ion, rechargeable Built-in, 22650 Li-ion, rechargeable
Battery Life 8 hours 12 hours
Balancing via sliding arm via sliding arm
Pan / Tilt / Roll 360° / 320° / 320° 360° / 320° / 320°
Body Aluminum alloy Plastic
Controls Joystick, Mode Switch, Shutter Joystick, Mode Switch, Shutter, Zoom
Tracking Face tracking Object and face tracking
Bluetooth ✅ ✅
Bottom thread ✅ ✅
Can recharge phones? ❌ ✅
Splashproof ✅ ✅

Key Differences Between the SPG and Smooth Q

Let’s take a look at the main differences one by one.

Protective Case/Bag

When you’re traveling, you want a sturdy and durable protective case that eliminates all your worries regarding damage to your gimbal. In this aspect, the Zhiyun Smooth Q emerges as the winner.

If you take a look at Smooth Q’s case, it’s hardshell, and it’s very durable. You can confidently pack it in your backpack or sling it over your shoulder no matter where you intend to go.

In comparison, the SPG’s storage bag is not hardshell. It’s actually made of high elastic diving material, so expect it to be flexible. Although it has some advantages, this material isn’t the best shock absorber.

It’s also worth noting that the SPG’s storage bag is waterproof, and the inner lining is of high quality sponge lint.

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Size and Weight

At 455 grams, the Smooth Q is heavier by almost 100 grams. When it comes to size, the SPG is a bit bulkier.


Both gimbals are equipped with lithium ion batteries that can be recharged. However, Smooth Q’s is built-in and SPG’s is removable. When it comes to battery life, Smooth Q wins over the SPG.

As advertised, the Zhiyun Smooth Q can run up to 12 hours while the FeiyuTech SPG can run up to 8 hours. The 4-hour difference is something to think about.

Aside from that, the Smooth Q can also act as a power bank, so if your phone runs out of battery, you can easily plug it in for some power. The SPG doesn’t have this feature.

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Although the FeiyuTech SPG doesn’t have a durable case, take comfort in the fact that it is made of better materials than the Smooth Q. As advertised, the SPG has a metal/aluminum alloy body, but the Smooth Q is mostly plastic.

Final Word: Feiyu Tech SPG vs Zhiyun Smooth Q

Given the differences in specs and features of these two Chinese-made gimbals, which one is our pick?

Get the Zhiyun Smooth Q. The battery life is a great plus, and the fact that it can also charge your phone is another big plus. Let’s not forget the hardshell case.

Where to Buy: Feiyu Tech SPG and Zhiyun Smooth Q

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