Feiyu Tech G5 vs Zhiyun Smooth Q Full Comparison

Feiyu Tech G5 vs Zhiyun Smooth Q… The G5 and the Smooth Q are two of the most popular gimbals online today. You’ve heard of them. You’ve read about them. You probably have seen your friend having one of them.

Everyone that has a gimbal swears by it. If you know how to use a stabilizer well, not only will you get those butter smooth moving shots, but also your footages will look almost professional considering that they’ve been recorded on your smartphone or action camera.

Now, you’d like to get a gimbal for yourself. But which one should you pick? It’s a tough call, but a decision must be made. To help you, we’ve come up with this full comparison report.

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Comparison Chart: Feiyu Tech G5 vs Zhiyun Smooth Q

Let’s start this report with a side-by-side comparison chart to give you the differences in these gimbals’ specs and features.

Model Check Price » Feiyu G5 Check Price » Zhiyun Smooth-Q
Weight 271 g 440 g
Product Dimensions 85 x 79 x 246 mm 118 x 105 x 285 mm
Compatibility Action Cameras Smartphones and Action Cameras
Protective Case Waterproof, high elastic diving material Hardshell
Balancing Counterweight Sliding Arm
Battery Runtime 8 hours 12 hours
Power Output for Charging
Tilting Angle 360° 320°
Rolling Angle 245° 320°
Panning Angle 360° 360°
Splash Proof
Timelapse Photography
Self-Timer Button
Buffering Cotton
Controls Joystick, Function, Self-Timer, Trigger Joystick, Mode Switch, Shutter, Zoom

Key Differences: Feiyu G5 vs Zhiyun Smooth Q

As you can already tell, the Feiyu G5 and the Zhiyun Smooth Q are two very different gimbals, although there are several features that they have in common.

Here are these gimbals’ key differences.


The obvious and most notable difference has something to do with what type of device/camera these gimbals are designed for. It’s clearly stated that the FeiyuTech G5 is compatible with GoPro action cameras, and the Smooth Q is mostly for smartphones and some action cameras.

Size and Weight

The Zhiyun Smooth Q is bigger and heavier than the Feiyu G5.


The Zhiyun Smooth Q uses a sliding arm to ensure that the phone or action camera is well-balanced before usage. The Feiyu G5, on the other hand, doesn’t have a sliding arm but instead relies on its built-in counterweight.


The Zhiyun Smooth Q wins when it comes to battery run time by about 4 hours. Both gimbals, however, have a power output that allows recharging of your phone or action camera when necessary.


Both of these gimbals are equipped with press buttons and a joystick to control tilting/panning/rolling action as well as enable other functions. The FeiyuTech G5 has a self-timer button that automatically rotates the camera. Although the Zhiyun Smooth Q allows rotating of the camera, it requires you to press the function button two times.

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Final Word: Feiyu Tech G5 vs Zhiyun Smooth Q

Which one of these gimbals should you choose? Here’s what we have to say.

If you’re almost always relying on your action camera to shoot videos and footages, then the FeiyuTech G5 is for you. It’s built for this purpose. It’s smaller, it’s lighter, and it comes with impressive features. However, if you’re switching between smartphones and action cameras, the Zhiyun Smooth Q is a practical solution. One of the greatest advantages of the Smooth Q is its super long battery run time.

Where to Buy FeiyuTech G5 and Smooth Q

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