Black & Decker LSW36B vs LSW40C Leaf Sweeper

A cordless leaf sweeper is the perfect handheld device that tackles tasks that are light yet difficult to manage with a not-so-powerful tool such as a rake or a broom. Examples of cleaning jobs like these include clearing of stuck-up leaves on the driveway.

Enter a Black + Decker leaf sweeper. There’s a catalogue to choose from, but in this comparison report, we’re pitting the LSW36B against the LSW40C. Which of these sweepers is for you? To help you with an answer, first, know their differences.

Let’s do just that in this Black & Decker LSW36B vs LSW40C comparison report, starting with a chart.

Comparison Chart: Black & Decker LSW36B vs LSW40C

Leaf Sweeper
Model Check Price » Black & Decker LSW36B Check Price » Black & Decker LSW40C
Weight 4.7 lbs 4.0 lbs
Air Speed 120 mph 125 mph
Power Source Battery Battery
Intake Side Bottom
Charge Indicator Button
Power Command Feature
Inclusions Sweeper, battery, charger, blow tube Sweeper, battery, charger, blow tube

Key Differences

Here’s a list of the key differences between these Black + Decker leaf sweepers.

Side vs Bottom Air Intake

If you examine the images closely, you’ll see that the LSW36B has a side intake and that the Black & Decker LSW40C has a bottom intake. What’s the significance?

According to online sources, leaf blowers with a side intake are generally disadvantageous on your part. Why? Because one, they can be blocked by clothing; second, they tend to be noisier than a leaf blower with a bottom air intake.


Handheld devices should be as lightweight as possible. Which of these leaf blowers is lighter?

According to the data provided by Black + Decker, the LSW40C is lighter at 4.0 lbs. In comparison, the LSW36B weighs 4.7 lbs.

Air Speed

The LSW40C is more powerful as its maximum air speed/velocity is 125 mph. The LSW36B’s maximum air speed is 120 mph.

Power Command Feature

The Power Command is a feature that the Black & Decker LSW36B has that you can’t expect with the LSW40C. What does it do? According to the LSW36B’s user manual, the Power Command feature allows you to “optimize the leaf blower’s performance and boost the power as needed.”

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Our Final Word: Black & Decker LSW36B vs LSW40C

Which of these leaf blowers should you get? Here’s our recommendation.

Get the Black & Decker LSW40C. It’s more powerful, it’s lighter, and the location of its air intake helps in noise reduction.

Alternatives to Black & Decker LSW36B Leaf Sweepers

Here are other options that you might be interested in.


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