Holy Stone HS160 vs F181W Detailed Comparison

Holy Stone HS160 vs F181W… Here’s another comparison report, this time between two FPV quadcopters.

What is an FPV drone? FPV stands for First Person View, so if your drone has an FPV functionality, it means you can have real-time view of what the device captures either from a built-in screen or from another device such as your mobile phone. Two drones that have this functionality is Holy Stone’s HS160 and F181W. Note that F181W should not be confused with F181C. The latter is not an FPV drone.

Here, we’re giving you the key differences and similarities of these two Holy Stone quadcopters.

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Comparison Chart: Holy Stone HS160 vs F181W

Let’s start with this chart.

Model Check Price » Holy Stone HS160 Check Price » Holy Stone F181W
Classification FPV FPV
Weight 83g / 2.925oz 4.9 Ounces
Product Dimensions 2.6 x 5.5 x 1.2 inches 12.6 X 3.3 X 12.6 inches
Color Black Black
Aerial Camera 720P HD 720P HD
Max Flight Distance 50 m 120 m
Max Flight Height 50 m 120 m
Max Flight Time 8 min 9 min
Max Wifi Distance 30 m 50 m
Transmitter Operation Range 50-70 meters 50-100 meters
Battery of Quadcopter 3.7V 500mAh Lithium Battery 3.7V 750mAh LiPo Battery
Charging time 50-70 mins 70-90 mins
Playing time 7-9 minutes 7-10 minutes
Altitude Hold Function
Headless Mode
One Key Return
3D Flips
6-Axis Gyro Technology
One Key Engine Start / landing
4 Speed Control Mode
LED Lights
Gravity Sensor Mode
3D VR Mode
App Control
WiFi FPV Real Time Transmission

Key Differences: Holy Stone HS160 vs F181W

Here’s a list of the notable differences of the HS160 and the F181W.

Size and Weight

The most obvious difference is these drones’ weight and size. At first glance, the HS160 has a bigger, rectangular body and the F181W has a smaller one. But in reality, the F181W is heavier than the HS160. It weighs 4.9 ounce. In comparison, the HS160 weighs 2.9 ounces.

Flight Distance, Height, and Time

The HS160 has a maximum flight distance and height of 50 meters, which is two times less than the maximum flight distance of the F181W, which is pegged at 120 meters.

Wifi and Transmitter Range

Both are Wifi enabled, but the maximum Wifi distance for the HS160 is only 30 meters. In contrast, the F181W has a max Wifi distance of 50 meters.

It’s also true with their transmitter operation range. The HS160 has up to 70 meters operation range while the F181W has up to 100 meters.


The F181W’s battery has a longer run time than the HS160.


Unlike the F181W, the HS160 can’t do flips, and it doesn’t have a One-Key Return feature.


The advantage of the HS160 over the F181W is that it is foldable.

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Final Word: Holy Stone HS160 vs F181W

Which one of these drones is for you? If you were to ask us, this is what we have to say:

If you’re traveling to another country, then the Holy Stone HS160 is the ideal device for you. Its foldable design is a big plus. But on normal days, pick the Holy Stone F181W over the HS160.

Where to Buy: Holy Stone HS160 vs F181W

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