GoPro Hero 5 vs YI 4K, The Ultimate Showdown

GoPro Hero 5 vs YI 4K – What are vloggers, enthusiasts, and action camera fans saying about these two brands? Which one is their official pick? If you’re planning on buying an action cam anytime soon, this comparison chart would definitely help.

First, the basics.

Hero 5 is the brainchild of GoPro, a California-based American company established back in 2002. As you know, the GoPro brand is THE name to beat when it comes to action cams. But in recent years, the competition is catching up, and they’re pretty successful in cornering their own market.

One brand that’s gaining traction is the YI 4K action camera, a product of Chinese electronics juggernaut, Xiaomi. This company was founded only 7 years ago, in 2010, but its fast rise as a worldwide leader is truly mind-blowing.

Now, let’s get back to the main question. Which action cam is better? To complete this GoPro Hero 5 vs YI 4K report, we’ve gone through several videos and reviews, and summarized below are the key points and takeaways.

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YI 4K shoots better videos.

In this video, the uploaders compared the video quality of these cameras, set at 4K and 30fps. Here are some observations:

1. Daylight – When the footage is zoomed in, the resulting color of the YI 4K footage is brighter and sharper than the Hero 5.

2. Low light – To repeat what was said in the video, YI 4K did a better job in controlling the noise, and the resulting GoPro footage is much more blurry. When zoomed at 500%, the difference becomes really obvious. Quality-wise, YI 4K is unbeatable.

YI 4K takes better still photos.

When it comes to taking still photos, YI still stands out, and the difference in image quality is noticeable when the resulting images are zoomed in at 500%.

YI 4K has more FOVs when set to slow-mo.

When it comes to slow motion, the number of GoPro’s Hero 5 field of view (FOV) choices changes depending on the FPS.

For instance, if you choose 30fps at 720p, you can choose among three FOVs – wide, medium, and narrow. When frame rate is set at 100fps, you’re limited to only one FOV, which is superview. When you choose 120fps, you’ll get 4 FOV options – wide, medium, narrow, and superview.

This change in the number of FOVs does not happen with the YI 4K.

Quality-wise, the slow-mo videos produced by both cameras are comparable. But because Hero 5 has sometimes limited FOVs, YI 4K wins in this aspect.

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YI 4K has a wider screen.

Both cameras have smooth touchscreen, but when it comes to the display, YI 4K’s is wider.

Hero 5 has a built-in waterproof protective case.

The Hero 5 has a built-in case that is rated to hold up to 33 feet (or 10 meters). That said, you can readily use the Hero 5 when filming underwater.

In contrast, YI 4K doesn’t have a waterproof body, so you’ll need a protective case if you want to immerse it in water.

Hero 5 has better stabilization feature.

Both Hero 5 and YI 4K are equipped with a stabilization feature. With the YI 4K, shakiness of the footage is well-controlled, but the image is distorted. In comparison, the shakiness in Hero 5 is obvious, but the image is less distorted.

That said, if you’re after the quality of the footage, Hero 5 beats YI 4K in stabilization.

YI 4K’s videos have better audio quality.

When it comes to microphone quality, the resulting audio of a YI 4K video has less external noise compared with Hero 5.

YI 4K has better battery life.

In the same video, the uploaders tested the battery life of both YI 4K and Hero 5 by shooting a 4K video at 30fps until they run out.

The result? Hero 5 ran out after 1 hour and 16 minutes, and YI 4K ran out after 1 hour and 50 minutes.

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GoPro Hero 5 vs YI 4K: Our Recommendation

Let’s end this GoPro Hero 5 vs YI 4K comparison report right. Based on the test results presented above, here’s our obvious recommendation.

Get the YI 4K. Compared with the Hero 5, YI 4K shoots better videos in daylight and even in low-light conditions. It takes better still images as well.

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